Last show of 2013

It's been a pleasure to sing with Brian Huston and Olivia Stone this year. We have one more McMenamins venue show on Saturday, December 28th at the St. Francis in Bend. What a great way to end the year. We'll be joined by Brian's brother Alan on drums, and super multi-instrumentalist Jim Brunberg on bass. Cheers!

Voodoo Room - Astoria - Sat May 4


I'll be playing a very cool room in Astoria, OR on Saturday, May 4th. Brian will be in LA, so I'm flying solo, but I'm going to bring a massive amount of gear. Make the trek out to the coast, and you'll see what happens when 80s meets... whatever they call this decade. Who needs a band when I have a Mac, and a boatload of apps. And the apps don't talk back! If you stay over night, you must eat breakfast at The Columbian Cafe. It's amazing. Here is a link to the Voodoo Room.


Back to Opal Studio

I'm excited to get back to Opal Recording Studio this weekend with Kevin Hahn engineering. We'll be going forward on Animotion recordings that have been in the works for a couple of years. Our intent is to finish up a few songs, and create an Animotion EP, if not full album. We actually have an albums worth of songs in various stages of completion. Part of the problem is getting consensus from the band members on what to finish, and agreement on lyrics and instrumental parts. Bands will be bands.